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OK, let’s talk marketing and promotion.


If you own a business there’s nothing more important than getting the word out about your product or service. And Promo Advantage owner Cari Read can help you craft a winning marketing strategy to expand your audience. Cari deals with hundreds of vendors who can create branded merchandise that will get your company’s name and message out there!

If you are a business owner and are involved in the community you know how important name recognition is. Name recognition for your business and the product or service you offer is invaluable if you want to build your customer base. And building your customer base is what it’s all about. Because the more customers you have, the more business you’ll do. And the more business you do the more money you earn – for both the business and YOU! 

Successfully promoting a business often comes down to how you get the word out.

You can obviously advertise in newspaper, on the radio and on TV. But that can get pretty pricey if you do it with any regularity. That’s why Promo Advantage makes so much sense. At Promo Advantage we can craft a marketing campaign that incorporates branded merchandise that will keep your name out there for years to come.

Consider this: If you produce 500 T-shirts with your company’s name on them and then distribute those T-shirts – free of charge – to potential customers at a golf tournament you’ll accomplish two things. Number one, you’ll have a lot of happy people because everyone like to get free swag. But you’re also giving them something they’ll actually wear, whether they wear around the house or when they go out to the store.

And that’s free advertising than can stick around for years! Call us at 661-857-3677 to find out how we can help.

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