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 Patrol & Security Santa Clarita

Do you feel safe in your home? Do you feel relatively assured that no one will attempt to break into your home in the middle of the night or steal something from your garage? Do you go to sleep at night wondering what is going on in your neighborhood on your street?

Alarm systems are good, but if you want another layer of protection call Copper Eagle Patrol & Security. We can provide on-site or roving security officers to ensure that your home or neighborhood is a safer place to be. We deal with local law enforcement, so if one of our officers sees a crime going on the police or sheriff’s will be quickly alerted.

When we’re at home or at work, we want to feel safe and protected. And Copper Eagle‘s patrol officers can provide an ongoing presence at your site, whether it’s a home or office.

Our patrol officers are utilized to provide a constant reminder to potential thieves and vandals that your site is routinely patrolled and checked. Let’s face it, crime is everywhere around us. Commercial burglaries, shoplifting, petty theft … those are just some of the crimes that occurred in the Santa Clarita Valley in recent weeks.

Our staff of trained professionals know what to look for and we can also save you money.  A majority of burglar alarm calls are false and the city is going to charge you as much as $300 for the first false call the Sheriff’s Department responds to. But if you contract with Copper Eagle, we’ll respond 24 hours a day and you won’t be facing that kind of charge.

“We’ve used Copper Eagle to patrol our retail center at Canyon Country for more than five  years,” one client said. “We are very pleased with their service.”

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