House of BMRS offers professional German car repair service at below-dealership prices – call us at 661-299-9290 for more information.

When you’re in need of car repair, you want to feel secure that the business you choose will take good care of your car and do the proper repairs at a reasonable price.

An auto repair business is only as good as the customer feedback it gets because that offers the best gauge of whether they are doing things right. And check out this House of BMRS‘ customer experience:

“Mark is very professional, friendly and honest,” the House of BMRS customer said recently. “He took the time to explain the issues with my car, offered some great advice to prevent issues from re-occurring and was overall just helpful and friendly, which I never get from a mechanic!”

Master Technician Mark Krzystofczyk is highly sought after for his expertise in foreign car repair. Mark definitely knows his way around a transmission, a drive train and just about anything else associated with a car. 

Is your BMW starting to screech or rattle? Is your Mercedes starting to drive like a log wagon  going down 20 miles of bad road? If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that those problems aren’t going to go away on their own. If you don’s address them, things will get worse and worse. And before long you’ll have to fork over a lot more money than if you’d just dealt with the problem in the first place.

That’s where House of BMRS comes in. At House of BMRS, our expert auto technicians can quickly diagnose whatever problem you may have and  fix that problem right away. When one House of BMRS customer needed to get his BMW serviced, he was wary of taking it to the wrong place. You know, one of those places that seem to always charge you an arm and a leg to get things tuned up? The kind of place that “supposedly fixes everything.” But then you get home and find that your care still has major problems.

Those of us who own nice cars like to keep them in shape. That means regular tuneups and repair work when something major comes up, like transmission problems or issues with the fuel pump, starter or exhaust system.  So when you need your car tuned up, call House of BMRS at 661-299-9290.

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