Nana’s Baked Goods at 24623 Arch street, Newhall has a variety of tasty gourmet treats. For more information visit or call us at 661-510-3581.


Tired of doughnuts, ice cream, cake and pie? Nana’s Baked Goods has lots of gourmet bakery goods, including  Nana’s Banana Bread, One taste and you’ll be hooked for a lifetime!

The banana bread is just one of many treats you can get at Nana’s Baked Goods. Don’t miss out on this tasteful and delicious experience. How abut some Banana Blueberry Bread? Or some Banana Zucchini Nut Bread? Or how about some Banana Pumpkin Nut Choco-Chip Bread?

Sound good? And remember, gourmet breads are not all that we offer. Looking for some good empanadas in town? Come to Nana’s Baked Goods and try the best empanadas in town! From one loaf of banana bread to a pound, our products are made only with fresh and natural ingredients.

The good thing about banana bread is that if you buy a pound and only want a loaf the rest can be  preserved. The best way to preserve your banana bread is by placing the rest of the pound in the freezer. Nana’s banana bread is different from other types of bread and you can just put it on the counter top for three hours for delicious, fresh bread.

We’re offering three Loaves For $18 Call 818-262-5566