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Truly Dry Carpet Cleaning - Stairs before and after - heavily penetrated with pet urine - Santa Clarita, CA, United States

Carpeting and furniture has a way of getting worn looking over time and you usually don’t realize how bad it’s gotten until you come home from someone else’s home whose carpets are newer.

Keeping your carpets and upholstery cleaned can make a big difference in the way your home looks. Call TrulyDRY Carpet Cleaning to get your carpets and upholstery in shape. Our Host system is an environmentally friendly way to get things clean. One good cleaning and your carpet will look like new again.

Customer Laurie SouzaTrulyDRY Carpet Cleaning  used TrulyDRY and she had great things to say about the service:

“I want to thank you for coming to the rescue with my carpets,” Souza said. “After our dog Knicky had not one, but three ‘accidents’ three nights in a row – I thought our carpets  would never be the same! I appreciate you coming out on a day’s notice and putting your dry carpet process to the test. I was amazed how quickly you were able to complete the room. And more importantly, the stains came out and never reappeared. Thanks again.”

We can clean your entire house using JUST ONE GLASS OF WATER. The best part? You’ll be able to walk on your carpet immediately after we’ve finished, so no waiting around!

So the next time you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned, call TrulyDRY Carpet Cleaning at 877-476-7775 for service in Los Angles and Orange counties.