Jewelry World has beautiful earrings, bracelets and other jewelry to put some sparkle in your life – stop by and see us at  26530 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, or call 661-297-7465.

If you’re in the market for jewelry – whether it’s a wedding ring, pearl necklace or bracelet, you need to stop over at Jewelry World in Santa Clarita. We’ve got a large inventory and owner Jack Bairian also creates beautiful custom pieces. So if you have an old heirloom laying around that used to belong to your great grandmother we can pump some new life into it and create something you can wear today.

If you or someone you know would appreciate a special piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you need to check out Jewelry World in Santa Clarita.

Bairian, an adopted Southern California native, began his career in the jewelry industry in high school, where his passion for detail and design blossomed during his time in pottery and jewelry design classes. His interest in design further developed in college, where he studied architectural drafting. While his education continued, his passion for jewelry grew even more.

Jack then began his jewelry career, focusing on custom design and development. He worked behind the scenes at major jewelry retailers for 25 years, producing brilliant custom pieces for thousands of customers across Southern California.

Five years ago, an opportunity arose for Jack to finally step out from behind the curtains and into the limelight. As the new owner of Jewelry World in Santa Clarita, Jack was finally able to take full control of the jewelry production process, with an eye towards detail and customer service.

Today, Jewelry World serves the Santa Clarita community with custom jewelry design, as well as full retail and repair services. Jack and his wife Ani, along with their team of expert jewelers and craftsmen, aim to provide the highest level of quality service.

Jewelry World
26530 Bouquet Canyon Road
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