House of BMRS offers top-notch repair service at below-dealership prices – call us at 661-299-9290 for more information.

Car repair can save you money.

That should grab your attention right there. You won’t need worry about buying a new automobile as soon as you normally would if you attend to problems when they arise. Our technicians at House of BMRS can discuss options that will prolong the life of your automobile. We can perform tests to determine the root of any mechanical problems that your automobile might be experiencing. Our professionals can let you know if your automobile needs certain maintenance checks.

Although most owners have an idea of the maintenance schedule for their vehicle, if you do not know when you should have maintenance performed, we will be happy to inform you of upcoming maintenance needs. We’ll be happy to perform work that might have been previously missed. If you buy a used vehicle that had been neglected or if you have not had a car repair completed on your current vehicle, you should bring your vehicle in to have it checked.

What about that squeaking noise you’ve been hearing for the past month? It could mean any number of things – some serious, some not so serious. But you definitely need to address it. And when you’re ready to do that House of BMRS in Santa Clarita is the place to go.

Did you ever stop to think that many of the car accidents we read about were partly or totally the result of poor vehicle maintenance? It’s true. While accidents  usually occur because someone has done something wrong while driving, one of the most common causes of car accidents is poor car maintenance. Contrary to the beliefs of some, cars are not indestructible and do have parts that wear out and need to be replaced or maintained over time.

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