Jay The Garage Door Doctor offers full service installation, repair and replacement of garage parts & door. Visit us at 17528 Scott Lane #203 Canyon Country, CA 91387 or if you have questions, call 661-888-3409.


There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to pull your car into the garage when the door won’t open.

You pull up, pick up the garage door opener, press the button and … nothing. Except a troubling hum as the door shakes and trembles with no result. There are lots of things that can go wrong with a garage door. The door can jump the track or the motor can develop internal problems that keep it from working properly.

That’s when you need to call Jay the Garage Door Doctor. And that name says it all. Jay is not a guy who does roof repair and kitchen remodeling – and some garage door repair on the side. Nope, Jay specializes totally on garage door repair. It’s kind of like going to a medical specialist. If you had cancer you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner physician who also had some experience in diagnosing cancer. You’d go to an oncologist whose sole area of expertise was cancer treatment.

The same applies to garage door repair.

Jay The Garage Door Doctor  offers personal service and affordable prices. Think about that. That’s the main thing you want when you go shopping for garage door replacement  – good service at affordable prices. You don’t want to deal with those “we’re-gonna’-give-you-rock-bottom-prices” claims that don’t pan out. You want a company that will really deliver on service and affordable pricing.

Call now to sign up for his half price for life deal and get your system serviced. Also, get inspected each year for half price forever!

Don’t waste your time calling those other garage door repair companies. The ones that avoid a price are the ones you don’t want to waste your time with. Jay is confident that his price will be better – with better service, too. Jay can give you a quote for most services and parts over the phone. And bring the part with you to make the repair.

Jay can access what he needs over the phone and have your job done in no time! Get an additional 10 percent off any previous specials for the rest of the month. Jay’s responsibility is to satisfy your needs and fix your garage door.There is nothing better than to have a garage door repaired and serviced for less than $200. 

p.s. check out our brand new website www.garagedoordoctorsantaclarita.com