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Being creative is something that is used constantly in the design business, and everyone should be as creative as possible in their everyday lives. There’s a few ways I get my creative juices flowing, and you can use them too, to boost your creativity.

The best way to boost your creativity is to find inspiration around you. If you’re really stumped, look in books, magazines, on the internet, or anywhere that might spark something. This could uncover something that you may have not thought of before, leading you to get on a roll with ideas you hadn’t even thought of before!

Mind mapping is another great way to become more creative. To use a mind map, start with a single idea, then write down things that come to mind when you think of that concept. These off shoots can then provide inspiration for design! Mind maps can be completely made up of words, or pictures can also be incorporated.

Some other simple ways to increase creativity include getting relaxed, drawing, and thinking on paper. When you become relaxed, you open your mind to new ideas. Drawing can also get creative juices flowing. When you think on paper and write down your thoughts, they can then be expanded on.

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