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Otitis media is an inflammation in the middle ear (the area behind the eardrum) that is usually associated with the buildup of fluid. The fluid may or may not be infected.

Symptoms, severity, frequency and length of the condition vary. At one extreme is a single short period of thin, clear, noninfected fluid without any pain or fever but with a slight decrease in hearing ability. At the other extreme are repeated bouts with infection, thick “glue-like” fluid and possible complications such as permanent hearing loss.

Fluctuating conductive hearing loss nearly always occurs with all types of otitis media. In fact it is the most common cause of hearing loss in young children.

Otitis media is the most frequently diagnosed disease in infants and young children Seventy-five percent of children experience at least one episode of otitis media by their third birthday.

Most of us take our hearing for granted – until we begin losing it.

If you are missing bits and pieces of conversations and have trouble hearing some of the things you used to, it may be time to have your hearing checked. Audiology Associates has hearing professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to assess your hearing issues.

And if need be, we have a wide variety of hearing products that can restore your level of hearing so you won’t be left out of conversations and other social situations.

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