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Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in the course of your life.

You might buy some nice cars along and way, and some new refrigerators, stoves and washing machines … but your home? Well, that’s the biggie. And since it’s your biggest asset you need to make sure you have adequate protection to keep it insured and in good shape.

Some homeowners don’t consider the value of all the personal possessions in their home. The findings of a 2002 study conducted by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, a construction data firm based in Wisconsin, show that as many as 75 percent of homeowners in the United States don’t carry adequate homeowners insurance to replace their home and the contents should a catastrophic loss occur.

Carol deals with a variety of insurance companies, including Mercury, The Hartford, Progresive, Metlife, Allied Insurance and Travelers, so she can get the best price and best coverage to suit your specific needs. 

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