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Mercury is one of several companies Carol deals with that can provide you with GREAT RATES!!

Take a quick look at your home.

Look at that kitchen you’re so proud of, and that dining room with the new furniture. And how about your recently refurbished bedroom, complete with a new sliding glass door? Yep, you love your home. But what would happen if a pipe burst and flooded the entire floor while you were away on vacation.

Or what if a fire got out of control and took out your garage and front room? Those are times when you would need some good, comprehensive homeowners insurance. And if you don’t have that now, Carol Smith of Insurance SCV has got your number! 

It’s the place where we eat, sleep, dream and spend time with our loved ones. So it’s pretty important that we have adequate insurance coverage to guard against damage from the elements, from run-away vehicles and from water leaks or other situations that seem to crop up.

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