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Are you on the move? And no, we’re not talking about cruising the neighborhood bar, but rather moving from one home or business to another. That’s a big undertaking because you always end up moving more stuff than you anticipated you would. It’s tiring, dirty and time-consuming work. And things always seem to get lost or damaged in the transition.

If you don’t feel like going through all of this alone – and you’d like to see the job done right – call Watford Moving & Storage in Santa Clarita. Watford has professional movers who will make your move smooth, efficient and accident free. All of those family heirlooms you’ve been keeping will still be intact when the move is over.

Watford has local storage facilities in the Santa Clarita area where you can store some of your belongings year round if need be.

You’ve been bracing yourself for months – dreading the day when you would have to pack up all of your furniture, appliances, clothes, pictures, rugs, plants and everything else to move. And whether you realize it or not, nothing is more deceptive than the work that is involved in moving — whether you are moving from one home to another, or transferring your office to another location.

Those closets that don’t even come to mind when you begin preparing to move have tons of things that have been stashed away. And the garage? That’s where many homeowners store all of the  odds and ends they don’t want inside the house. The point is, all of these things add up. And in the end, it’s a lot to move. That’s why you need to call Watford Moving & Storage.


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