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Moving can be a long and complicated process, involving sorting, packing, lifting, repacking, driving and then … unpacking, sorting and putting everything away. And that’s making it sound far easier than it really is.

If you’re getting ready for a move, you’d better take a quick inventory. And a quick reality check. Because you probably have a whole lot more stuff to deal with than you realize.

Take a look at that big entertainment center in your home. Now look at that dresser in your bedroom and the bookshelves that line your living room and family room. That’s a whole lot of stuff to move.

If that BIG MOVE is coming up soon, you’re going to need to get organized. You’re going to have to pack up all of those little things — and there will be more than you’re anticipating — and get everything else ready.

Whether you have an upcoming office relocation or you’re just moving furniture across town to Burbank, or from Glendale to Newhall, our highly trained and professional staff will  take care of it. 

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