|Looking for instruction in singing, guitar, piano, acting or dance? Vibe Performing Arts Studios vpasonline.com/home/1248558 has it all! We’re at 24460 1/4 Lyons Ave., Santa Clarita– or call us at 661-255-7464.

When you or someone you know wants to learn a musical instrument, it’s good to know that the teachers have solid values. Well, listen to the mission statement from Vibe Performing Arts Studios in Santa Clarita

“We will create for our students a warm, supportive environment as they grow to discover their full potential through creative expression,” the statement says. “We will strive to build a positive influence in student’s lives, building self-esteem and confidence, regardless of their abilities. We will uphold honest values working to perform with integrity with attention to detail and consistency. We will endeavor to help all students to experience the excitement and dedication necessary to help them succeed in life as well as on stage.”

That says a lot about the way Vibe handles music instruction. Group classes are a great way to learn an instrument. Private instruction is available to advance your skills. Master a new instrument in no time! Vibe Performing Arts Studios can put some musical excitement into your life! For more information, call us at 661-255-7464.