Looking for instruction in singing, guitar, piano, acting or dance? Vibe Performing Arts Studios vpasonline.com/home/1248558 has it all! We’re at 24460 1/4 Lyons Ave., Santa Clarita– or call us at 661-255-7464.


Vibe Performing Arts Studios can put some musical excitement into your life! We offer professional instruction in everything from piano and guitar to drums.

Andrea Vibe founded Vibe Vocal Studios in 1990. Originally a vocal studio only, the location was her home studio in Santa Clarita. Building and maintaining a regular clientele weekly, her popularity as a voice teacher grew quickly. Major additions were made in 1994 providing Vibe Vocal Studios with a facility in Newhall Square with additional voice studios and instructors. By 1997, the studios had grown significantly as more instructors were hired to include instrument, acting, and dance lessons. Vibe Vocal Studios then became Vibe Performing Arts Studios.

In June of 2000, VIBE moved to its current location in Valencia Plaza to include a multi-purpose theater, a dance studio, and seven small studios. VIBE has succeeded by keeping a high caliber of teachers, many performance opportunities, and good consistent service.

For more information, call us at 661-255-7464.