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U Wash DoggieIf you own a dog it’s good to get out with him and do some activities together.

When people and dogs do things together it’s good news all around. Many of these activities provide the structure that helps people learn to better communicate with their dogs. And it gives the critters a better opportunity to learn good manners. That makes them easier to live with and less likely to be given up.

The exercise also reduces boredom. A dog that exercises with its owner is less likely to have behavior problems. A wonderful side benefit is that these activities can be a mental boost for humans and dogs alike! Here’s an activity you probably never tried – dog scootering.

You simply get a scooter that rolls very easily and tether your dog to it and watch him run. If you have the right kind of scooter you’ll roll pretty darn fast. Dog scooterers and other participants in dog powered sports have created  Dogs Across America, a relay event that demonstrates the pulling and traveling ability of ordinary (and extra-ordinary dogs). In each participating state, teams of dogs and humans travel the longest or most important trails in the state.

Now this may be a little extreme compared to what you ordinarily do with your dog, but the point is it pays to keep your dog active. And when he needs a good cleaning bring him into U-Wash Doggie. We have professional groomers who can get him looking great, or you can clean him up yourself using our self-serve facilities.

U-Wash Doggie was born out of founder Francisco Gamero’s recurring frustration over the hassle associated with washing his golden retriever Max in the bathtub at home. The Mission of U-Wash Doggie is to provide a professional, clean, healthy, and stress-free environment for grooming pets with ease and efficiency. Customer satisfaction, honesty and integrity are the most important ingredients in the operation of our business.

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