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OK, here’s a heck of a deal and the price just doesn’t get any better. Whitening Lightning is now offering two Zero White Whitening Pens for just $15! These products would normally sell for $39, so that’s more than half off.

But you’ve got to hurry because the sale ends June 4.

Zero White means no sensitivity or chemicals ingredients and this product can be used while pregnant or nursing and is ideal for anyone who prefers the natural approach. Ultra-sensitive customers will swoon over this new innovation in teeth whitening.

We specially formulated ZERO White in our lab and are proud to offer this potent blend of botanicals and baking soda that works overtime to brighten the dullest of smiles. Restore your teeth, crowns, veneers and caps to a natural white the pain free way with ZERO White.

And here’s how simple the process is: Simply twist and click the base of the pen until gel exudes from the brush tip. Dry your teeth, paint on the gel and whiten while you sleep.

Teeth whitening products have become so popular that it seems like everyone is doing it. Consumers have become more comfortable with the idea of teeth whitening because it is effective and can also drastically change your smile and improve your self-esteem at the same time.

Whitening Lightning‘s products can bring your teeth back to life. Visit us at  www.whiteninglightning.com to learn more about our products.