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If you haven’t heard the story of Whitening Lightning, it’s truly inspirational. In 2010 CEO and Whitening Lightning founder Jennifer Gerard started with a bright idea to bring the world top notch of teeth whitening without the mess, hassle and sensitivity of other products on the market. Her passion and knowledge resulted in a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles that eventually evolved into a booming online business.

Within two years the product line was a staple for Hollywood celebrities and top YouTube influencers who rely on Whitening Lightning to deliver their camera-ready smile. Our famous Dial A Smile Kit quickly became a cult favorite is recognized all around the world as the best way to whiten in 20 minutes. Our teeth whitening pens are perfect for touch-ups and our Super-Booster pen is a flag-ship product that brightens on the go. We ship worldwide and have quickly set the gold standard and the beauty industry is buzzing about the brand’s innovation and diverse product line that has something for everyone.

Whitening Lightning is well known for its teeth whitening products, but we also sell a great line of cosmetics that are catching on like wildfire! The best thing about Whitening Lightning is that all of the products are easy to use – no confusing array of directions to follow. And you’ll see immediate results.

DIAL A SMILE has given so many people around the world a reason to smile. The SUPER BOOSTER pen is the perfect product to maintain your results and works within 7-14 days. Apply before bedtime and whiten while you sleep. Just paint on the gel and say goodbye to your strips and trays.

The Whitening Lightning Super Booster Pen also freshens breath, kills bacteria and restores teeth to their natural white. Visit us at  www.whiteninglightning.com to learn more about our products.