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Think about it. With our Dial A Smile Teeth Whitening System you could get your teeth up to 10 shades whiter. And our lip gloss will also accentuate those amazingly white teeth! This deal ends Thursday (Jan. 29), so you’d better get that order in quick or you’ll miss out.

Most people know Whitening Lightning for our wide array of teeth whitening products that are both effective and super easy to use. Take our flagship product, the Whitening Lightning Booster Pen, for example. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in professional grade, at-home teeth whitening. It contains a powerful whitening agent that dissolves difficult-to-remove stains, without any damage to the tooth enamel.

The Whitening Booster Pen is creating the new trend in teeth whitening. This advanced formula wipes away surface stains, leaving you with a healthy and sparkling white smile. The Whitening Lightning Super Booster Pen also freshens breath, kills bacteria and restores teeth to their natural white color.

Ever wondered how Hollywood TV and movie stars get such amazingly brilliant white teeth? Now you have the answer. With the all new Hollywood Elite Teeth Whitening System by Whitening Lightning you can obtain the sparkling white smile of Hollywood’s elite.

Want to boost your smile up to 10 shades whiter? Want to get compliments on how great your smile looks? Whitening Lightning has the answer. The Whitening Lightning Super Booster Pen also freshens breath, kills bacteria and restores teeth to their natural white. 

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