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Mention hearing impaired and most people think of Pete Townshend of The Who, Beethoven or Lou Ferrigno, who played “The Hulk” on the old TV series.

But lots of other famous people have had significant hearing problems. Thomas Edison, the American inventor whose inventions include the phonograph and a long lasting light bulb, . In school, the young Edison’s mind often wandered. He was noted to be terrible at mathematics. He was unable to focus and had difficulty with words and speech.

The cause of Edison’s deafness has been attributed to a bout of scarlet fever during childhood and recurring untreated middle ear infections.

Johnnie Ray, an American singer, songwriter, and pianist, developed a unique rhythm-based style, described as alternating between pre-rock R&B and a more conventional classic pop approach. He was partially deaf because of an injury sustained when he was 13. He became deaf in his right ear at age 13 after an accident during a Boy Scout event. He later performed his music wearing a hearing aid. Surgery performed in New York in 1958, left him almost completely deaf in both ears, although hearing aids helped his condition.

Those are just two examples of people who suffered from hearing loss but were still able to succeed in life.

Hearing loss can be caused by many scenarios. Infection, earwax buildup, an object in the ear, ear or head injury and a ruptured eardrum are conditions that can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Smoking and diabetes also impact how blood flow reaches hair cells and can subsequently cause hearing loss over time. Taking too many over-the-counter medications, including ibuprofen or aspirin, can lead to irreversible deafness.

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