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Slay All Day with Gerard Cosmetics


Rose is a delicate scent of Slay All Day spray created by Nikkia Joy. Freshly picked notes of feminine sophistication that delight the senses. A luxurious and refreshing way to lock in your makeup look. Our cooling, oil control mist ensures a flawless base for hours.

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Whitening Lightning: Keep Your Smile In Shape

Beauty isn’t always a Pain. Get a Whiter Brighter Smile with NO SENSITIVITY. Even those with the most sensitive teeth can use Whitening Lighting. Stains on you teeth come from many sources… It isn’t just red wine and coffee! Many dark colored fruits and vegetables stain teeth. Candies we like to suck on are filled with stain-causing dyes. In fact, anything we eat that has dyes as an ingredient will stain teeth. And candy will also cause tooth decay if dental hygiene is poor. So, just before you hop into bed, read the easy to follow directions on the box, whether you’re using Dial A Smile or Zero teeth whitening systems. It’s doable and affordable. Most of all, it’s effective.

Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning

Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning: Keeping Your Skin Radiant!

Whenever you know you’re going outside, it is imperative that you use sunscreen to protect your skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be in the sun for a few minutes or a few hours; the sun can damage your skin! Remember a few tips:

  1. Remember to reapply every two to four hours
  2. Reapply more often if you are out swimming
  3. Toss it out and get a new one if it looks or feels different, or if it’s been past three years.

If at any point a product irritates your skin, immediately stop using that product.

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Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning