Is it really that hard to choose a font?

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Choosing a font isn’t that hard, right? Wrong. Choosing a font is a very important part of the design process, especially with things like business cards and flyers. These things have to look good or the customer won’t be intrigued and convinced to use your product or service. There are different “families” that a font can fall under, these include Geometric, Old Style, Transitional, Modern, or Slab Serif. You have to consider what each of the families conveys when choosing a font for a project.

Geometric fonts such as Helvetica are very clear, objective, and universal. However, they can also come across as cold and/ or impersonal. Old Style fonts, such as Garamond and Palatino, are easy to read, while also being classic and traditional. Transitional and Modern fonts are strong, dynamic, and stylish. A good example would be Bodini and Didot. Slab Serif fonts can add a distinctive flair to your design, but can seem conspicuous in the wrong context.

These are just a few of the things we, as designers, think about when creating a design for you! Call today and we can discuss your design ideas and figure out the best way to go about turning your idea into reality!