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Patrice Rifkind, Au.D., CCC-A

So you’ve survived the holidays and you’re still intact. But what about that ringing in your ears? That’s right, we’re talking about that high-pitched ringing you hear day and night. And what about all of those missed comments when you sitting right in front of someone?

If this all sounds familiar it’s time to get your hearing tested. And there’s no better place to have it tested than Audiology Associates in Santa Clarita. We have trained professionals who really know their way around the industry. Take Patrice Rifkind, for example. Patrice, who heads the business, received her master’s degree in audiology from Cal State Northridge and her doctorate from the University of Florida.

The rest of the staff has equally impressive credentials. And when you come in for a hearing exam, they will provide accurate feedback as to what level of hearing loss you are experiencing and what measures should be taken to get you back in the game again.

Audiology Associates is proud to offer the most current technology in hearing aids. And be sure to take advantage of our ONLINE ONLY OFFERS to receive even more with your visit. Right now we’re offering $300 off a set of premium hearing aids!

Teen hearing loss may be on the rise, according to a new study commissioned by Siemens Hearing Instruments. In a recent U.S. survey of 500 teenagers ages 13–19, 46 percent of teens reported experiencing ringing, roaring, buzzing or pain in their ears after engaging in risky hearing practices, including listening to excessively loud music and using lawn and power tools with no hearing protection.

This is a place you can trust. We have consistently been ranked the BEST AUDIOLOGY OFFICE IN THE SANTA VALLEY! If you have concerns about your hearing and want to get it checked call Audiology Associates in Valencia at 661-284-1900 to set up an appointment.

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