Gerard Cosmetics Lip Assist

Whenever you know you’re going out for the evening, or you just want to look your best… Plump it Up. with Gerard Cosmetics, Lip Assist.

Create your own lip kit and try this tempting trio of products. Pick your hydra matte and lip pencil shade and throw on Kiss Assist for a lip plumping effect.

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Whitening Lightning: Keep Your Smile In Shape

What we eat is a big part of causing those unsightly stains. It isn’t just red wine and coffee either! Many dark colored fruits and vegetables stain teeth. Those candies we like to suck on are filled with stain-causing dyes. In fact, anything we eat that has dyes as an ingredient will stain teeth. And candy will also cause tooth decay if dental hygiene is poor.
Just before you hop into bed, read the easy to follow directions on the box, whether you’re using Dial A Smile or Zero teeth whitening systems. It’s doable and affordable. Most of all, it’s effective.

Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning