Every season has its own beauty challenges, and summer comes with some of the worst! Here is an indispensable summer beauty tip from Gerard Cosmetics.

While those who live in more humid parts of the world are blessed with sun-kissed skin, others who live in a dry climate are not as lucky. So much for the dewy complexion. Between water sports and sunbathing, our skin suffers. If you think you’re safe at night, the heat given off from bonfires is also very drying. Our summer beauty concerns are 24/7.

Sweat may seem like an enemy, however it is not–to our health anyway. Sweat allows our skin to release toxins from our bodies. It  becomes an enemy to our skin when it clogs our pores with a mixture of sunscreen and layers of bug spray. This will provide a nice sticky environment for dirt and grime. Kinda makes you feel like taking a shower right now, doesn’t it?

Solution: Look for an exfoliating cleanser, one with glycolic acid if you can find it and gently cleanse on a daily basis. Be sure to apply SPF before you go outside as glycolic acid can cause sensitivity in the sunlight. Gerard Cosmetics, local Santa Clarita company delivering products worldwide!

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