The following list from Gerard Cosmetics will help you combat stress and live a more peaceful life.

Make a List

Who’s on your list this gift-giving season? Make a list of everyone you plan to buy for and how much you want to spend on each person. You might add to or subtract from the list as time passes, but organizing it in this way will ease holiday stress and free your mind for other things.

Set a Budget

We all want to buy gifts that will make the recipient happy. Sometimes we know the perfect gift and other times we need to shop around until something strikes us. Either way is fine as long as we set a budget for spending. The time to do that is months before the holidays; at the beginning of the year.

Setting a budget for spending gives us an idea of how much we plan to allocate toward gift-giving, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate what we can afford. We can determine this by determining how much we can set aside from each paycheck after our bills are paid.

Some people take on a second job a few months before the holidays just to be sure they have the extra money they’ll need. If you can work an extra shift or two at your job, that might also work. Just be disciplined in the way you spend your money.


If you’re wondering how you can relax and enjoy the holiday season this year, Gerard Cosmetics has you covered with this list of 3 ways to ease holiday stress. First, let’s talk a little about what stress is.

Some forms of stress are beneath our level of awareness. We might feel agitated or nervous without knowing why. Stress is not only a source of discomfort. It also interferes with our wellbeing and overall health. Many illnesses can be traced back to stress.

Shop Early

Right after Thanksgiving and through the end of the year, the malls are jam-packed with shoppers. The closer we get to Christmas, the more crowded they get. For some, the holidays aren’t even fun anymore because stress sucks the life out of them. This year why not ease holiday stress by shopping early?

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